professional credits


2013  FELONY as Doolan with Felony Film Productions Pty Ltd and directed by Matthew Saville
2009  AMANCER (DAY BREAK) (Short) as Boss and directed by Alvaro D Ruiz
2007  THE SQUARE as Detective Sergeant Gary Miles and directed by Nash Edgerton
2006  THE FIND (Short) as Walter the Security Guard and directed by Claire McCarthy
2005  SPOTS (Short) as 2 and directed by Morgan Healy
2005  CROSSLIFE as Joe with and directed by Claire McCarthy
1997  THE WELL as Jock with West Street Productions/Southern Star and directed by Samantha Lang
1994  GINO as The Heckler with Filmside Productions and directed by Jackie McKimmie
2013  PUBERTY BLUES as Jamie Dixon with Southern Star and directed by Glendyn Ivin
2012  TRICKY BUSINESS as Trevor Ogilvy with Screentime and directed by Garth Maxwell
2009  :30 SECONDS as Todd Carmichael with Zapruder's Other Films and directed by Shawn Seet
2009  MY PLACE as Russell Gartner with Little Leaf Productions and directed by Jessica Hobbs
2007  ALL SAINTS as Joe Summers with the Seven Network and directed by Lynn Maree Danzey
2005  HOME AND AWAY as Jimmy with the Seven Network and directed by Mark Piper and Nicholas Bufalo
2005  ALL SAINTS as Michael Carmody with the Seven Network and directed by Pino Amenta
2002  YOUNG LIONS as Percy Kennedy with Southern Star and directed by Robert Klenner
1999  BIG SKY as Spud with Southern Star Xanadu
1997  MURDER CALL as Constable Bryce Phillips with Southern Star and directed by Ian Watson
1997  WATER RATS as Matthew Wood with Quicksilver Productions and directed by Peter Andrikidis
1995  SOLDIER SOLDIER as Private jack Saunders with Carlton TV/Bray Films and directed by Ken Hannam
1994  HEARTLAND as Constable Macka Hargreaves with Northway Productions and directed by Paul Faint, Scott Hartford-Davies, Julian Pringle and Kate Woods
1994  G.P. as Raddo with RCC/ABC and directed by Michael Offer
1993  THE FEDS, TERROR as Eric King with Crawford Productions and directed by Donald Cromby
1993  HOME AND AWAY as Chopper with the Seven Network and directed by Michael Ailwood
1993  A COUNTRY PRACTICE as Stevo White with JNP Films and directed by Catherine Millar
1996  ROMEO AND JULIET as Benvolio and Balthasar with the New England Theatre Company and directed by Richard Buckham
1995  KING LEAR as Edgar with the Sydney Theatre Company and directed by George Ogilvy
Various television commercials including IKEA, GIO and Tooheys.

Paul Caesar is a member of the Australian Writers' Guild.
2011  GROUNDED - a group of teenagers hold a secret party in the bush with devastating consequences. NIDA production.
2010  INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE - 20 Original Scripts for HSC Drama 
2010  THE INVALID REHEARSAL - Moliere tries to tame his actors as they prepare for a private performance for the king. NIDA production.
2009  BETH - a girls' school becomes the battleground for rapidly escalating bullying attacks. NIDA production.
2005  REDEMPTION: THROUGH THE EYES OF SHAKESPEARE - an exploration of redemption using scenes from the plays of William Shakespeare.
2005  THE CHEAPSKATE CIRCUS II - those who survived The Cheapskate Circus return for another attempt at success.
2004  THE CHEAPSKATE CIRCUS - a hilarious and imaginative look inside the world of a live circus with a miniscule budget. Their attempts to be resourceful produce the reverse of what they intended.
2003  THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE - charges of copyright infringements set back this struggling cast as they try perform the Gilbert and Sullivan classic.
2003  SHERLOCK HOPELESS - a silly role reversal where Dr Watson is the real genius and Sherlock Hopeless is... well, the name says it all.
1996  DIT AND DOT THE ROBOTS - a hilarious children's production featuring a male and female robot who travel together through space on comic adventures.

2013 MISS JULIE - A Creative State/Acompany Theatre production.
2011 GROUNDED - see above
2010 THE INVALID REHEARSAL - see above 
2009 BETH - see above
2004  THE CRUCIBLE - a BCCT production
1996  DIT AND DOT THE ROBOTS - see above

2011 - present: Acting teacher at North Shore Drama
2006 - present: Tutor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art
2010 - 2011: Tutored extra-curricular drama at SCEGGS Redlands
2004 - 2005: Taught secondary and primary drama at Redfield College, Dural
2002 - 2005: Designed and facilitated Creative State drama classes at Pennant Hills, Castle Hill and Dural