DIY Filmaker

Creative State presents its first film. With a budget of loose change and a one day film shoot, DIY Filmaker plays with the human need to be an expert and the desire to tell the world. This cute 7 minute short was made for entry into Tropfest 2013. Needless to say we didn't win any awards with this one, but I had fun doing it (the industry has only ever cast me in dramatic roles and I wanted to return to my comic roots in amateur theatre) - mission accomplished.  I hope you have a laugh.

"Filmaker" Stuart Pederson from Stu-Ped Films shows his audience "how to achieve such a professional quality of film, on such a low budget." Stuart builds his own film making equipment and this is his first "DIY Training Video".

Written, directed, edited and produced by Paul Caesar

Paul Caesar as Stuart Pederson
Charlotte Salusinszky as Girl

Special thanks to Charlotte Salusinszky

Music by Kevin Macleod at