masters of rock

docneesonThis article's a little different.  My wife and I attended the 2007 Best Breast Ball last Saturday night: a very special night organised by Greg & Debbie Castle to help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Institute.  Debbie is battling breast cancer as she has done over the last four years.  It was a heartfelt night described by my wife as "personal and purposeful" and it was an honour to attend. 

The band The Squid Munchies kept the dance floor packed all night and the crowd went absolutely crazy when Dave Faulkner, lead singer of Hoodoo Guru's took to the stage.  I've never been this close to such an energetic performance in my life: he went flat out from start to finish.  Dave was followed by Doc Neeson (pictured), ex-lead singer of The Angels who was equally amazing.  The entire crowd jumped and yelled "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again!" and "We Gotta Get Outta This Place!" like never before.  What touched me was that Doc said in 1999 he was in a car accident suffering spinal injuries and that this was the first time he'd performed in 7 years.  I was amazed!  As a performer myself, I can't imagine what it must have been like to lose his ability to perform.  It was INCREDIBLE being present at such an amazing event in his life: his emotions showing.  He is a skilled artist who hasn't lost a thing in 7 years : he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.  Being that close to him, seeing the passion in his eyes, I could see why he is so successful - a true MASTER of rock!

For information on how you can support Greg & Debbie and the Breast Cancer Institute please click the following: Best Breast Ball.

nida holiday workshops

nidaI've had a great time over the last few weeks facilitating a variety of workshops for the NIDA Open Program.  I started by making a short film with NIDA @ The Stables students.  This took place at Palomino Riding Centre in Belrose.  Then I ran the first NIDA workshops in conjunction with the Glen Street Theatre with students devising work on the theme 'Friends and Enemies'.  I ran a four week program for adults on auditions and screen tests and last week devised a theatrical performance with a school group who came all the way from W.A.  It's all been very exciting with a great time had by all participants.

For information on NIDA's holiday and term classes contact the NIDA Open Program on
02-9697 7626 or go to their website.

all saints on air

allsaintsonairI aired this week on Channel 7's All Saints.  Again it was very hard to watch myself but after a second viewing I'm comfortable with my work.  The fact that those who have seen it hate my character says I pulled it off believably.  I'm not quite as lean as I was two weeks ago on the screen at Crosslife's premiere, but that was filmed 2 years ago, at the same time as my last appearance on All Saints.  Both of my appearances on All Saints were a pleasure to do and I'm very happy with the results.

crosslife screening success

margaretpomeranzWhat a night!  It began at the 3 Wise Monkeys pub (just down from Sydney's George Street cinemas) where I met renowned film critic and co-host of ABC's At The Movies, Margaret Pomeranz (pictured).  I didn't get the chance to talk to her after the film to see what she thought but the film was received phenomenally well by the audience with applause beginning as soon as the end-credits rolled.  I found it emotional to watch (the film itself is emotional) but to finally see on the big screen the result of all the hard work we put into it two years ago - very rewarding.  After the film, cast & crew shared their Crosslife experiences with the audience.  I was interviewed by a Sydney Film Festival news team - very different being in front of a camera without a character to hide behind but a pleasure all the same.  I was surrounded by friends and colleagues and with my wife prouder than ever, a night I'll never forget.

Fingers crossed a distributor will take the film on board and everyone can get to see what we've done. 

Special congratulations to Claire McCarthy, Crosslife's director, on her feature film debut.  I know we'll be seeing more of her work - I just hope I get the chance to work with her again.
See the trailer.


crosslifeIn 2005 I worked in a low budget feature film that I'm very glad to say has been accepted into the Sydney Film Festival and will be screening at Sydney's George Street Cinema at 6.25pm on Thursday 21st June.

For information and tickets see Sydney Film Festival.

Crosslife slipstreams the lives of ten people over four days at Christmas time in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Crosslife interconnects an affluent 30 something couple Zana and David who are desperate to conceive a child; a fragile teenage boy Donald who embarks on a boozy rampage through Kings Cross with his best mate Kane, a painfully lonely doctor Rachel and her estranged relationship with her son, an aspiring singer Trace who escapes the banality of the suburbs for the shimmering promises of Kings Cross, a desperate couple Joe and Mary who live in a car at the back of Woolloomooloo in anticipation of their first baby and a suburban father Bill who relives a painful family legacy by travelling to Kings Cross to deliver a special 'birthday present' to his teenage son.
See the trailer.

all saints

allsaintsI recently had the great pleasure of playing Joe Summers, a guest role on 7's popular hospital drama All Saints.  This is my second appearance on the show (my first as Michael Carmody in 2005 pictured) and again it was a great experience.  I can't give anything away but hope you get to tune in on Channel 7, Tuesday 10th July at 9.30pm(Check actual time on the day)

The episode was directed by Lynn Maree Danzey.