trusting the actor

I'm in London and yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting Brian Astbury. Brian co-founded South Africa’s first non-racial theatre and arts centre, The Space. In the 1970’s The Space produced theatre, dance and exhibitions which broke apartheid taboos while also winning critical acclaim abroad. After relocating to London, Brian went onto teach in some of the UK's best drama schools and headed the pioneering project, Arts Threshold.

Over the years, in his quest to understand actors and acting, Brian developed a series of exercises that he uses in his teaching. Recently, at the request of past students, Brian put these together in his book, Trusting the Actor. Part diary, part text, Trusting the Actor is an acting book like none other and a must read for all actors.

"If you think this book is just going to be about ‘acting’ you would be very wrong…
Brian Astbury could easily have titled this excellent book ‘Everything you need to know about Acting’ and even then not have come close to describing it’s worth
."  Stephen Moyer (True Blood)
"An idiosyncratic, challenging and practical guide to the craft of acting." Richard E. Grant

I got to spend about two hours with Brian and over multiple coffees he shared some extraordinary life stories with me. It was a pleasure to meet him.

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charlotte joins creative state

I'm thrilled to welcome Charlotte Salusinszky to Creative State.  Charlotte has come on board to help me take Creative State to the next level and beyond.  She has only just started and I'm thrilled with what we have achieved in a short amount of time.  We've designed week-long acting workshops for actors at varying levels of experience, we've created a safe haven for actors to regularly practice their craft and much more.  We'll be sending out a newsletter shortly to bring you up to speed with what's happening in the year ahead and I'm very excited by the direction we're taking things.

Charlotte studied drama at school as well as acted in and directed theatre productions.  She has studied acting through NIDA's open program and is presently attending NIDA's 'The Actor'.  She brings with her passion, energy and a great sense of humour.

Welcome aboard Charlotte!