coaching laura

I was recently approached by a mother from the Coffs Harbour region.  Her daughter Laura was having difficulty selecting a HSC solo performance piece and suspected she may have difficulty polishing her performance to gain a good assessment result.  On purchasing Individual Performance, my book of 20 original scripts for HSC students, Laura selected Deing Julia, the first script in the book about a teen's struggle being dyslexic.  Laura chose the script because it spoke to her - she has had some learning difficulties and has a friend who is dyslexic - she felt it was familiar.

Laura's mother then brought her to me in Sydney for a 4 hour coaching session on her performance.  Laura had rehearsed her performance and came to the session well prepared.  We played with the piece, improving it bit by bit and finished giving Laura specific work to do on her return home.  I recently heard from Laura's mum:

Just thought you would like to know that Laura has just performed her Individual Performance at the Eisteddfod. She came first in her division with a mark of 91%.  Thank you so much for your help. Laura has really appreciated it.  Will stay in touch as it progresses towards the final performance.

And Laura said:

Thanks Paul, you are a true champ!