Over the last three years I've been the core tutor of NIDA's Drama Studio - a one year course for teen actors.  Each year I have written and directed their end of year performances.  This year has been my last in this role and I've finished with my third short play for young actors, Grounded.

Grounded has a cast 7 female and 5 male characters.  It begins with a group of girls heading off into the bush to have a party that none of their parents know about.  The play deals with the ramifications of doing so.  It performed at NIDA's Parade Studio on Sunday 11th and was a great success.  The students felt it was a unique opportunity to play people their own age but in circumstances quite far from their own experience.

Grounded will be published along with Beth (2009) and The Invalid Rehearsal (2010) in a book of my short plays. The book will be published by Creative State and available for schools in 2012 - watch this space!