national screenwriters' conference

I've just spent the last three days in the Barossa Valley at the National Screenwriters' Conference - fantastic. This is the first time I've thrown myself into the writers' arena and it was well worth it.  I learnt a great deal about the art and met some industry greats: Mike Bullen - Cold Feet and Life Begins creator and writer; Jan Sardi - writer on Shine and The Notebook; Andrew Knight - After the Deluge creator/writer and writer on Sea Change; Underbelly's writer/producer Greg Haddrick and writer Felicity Packard; comedian and Whatever Happened To That Guy? creator/writer Peter Moon, along with many more.

I had a mentoring session with experienced writer, John Reeves.  One of the above read my script (I've created a drama series and taken it to the point of writing the pilot) and very generously gave me constructive feedback.  Also, my script is presently being read by an executive of one of the major TV stations.  Who knows what will come of it but it wouldn't have happened if I'd not attended.  This is a must for any budding writers!

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