the diving bell and the butterfly

Today I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly at the Cremorne Orpheum, one of Sydney's most beautiful cinemas. 

This is a not-to-be-missed feature.  It is an emotionally charged telling of an incredible true story.  With supurb direction and a faultless cast this is the most amazing cinema experience I've had in quite some time.

From one of the most emotionally exhilarating and luminous bestsellers ever written comes the true story of a man who took on adversity beyond all imagining and transformed it into a testament to the irrepressible human urge to love, create and dream.  With his third film, director and artist Julian Schnabel forges a visually stunning, heart-stirring ode to what drives a man to go on when all truly seems lost.  Official website excerpt. 

Don't miss this incredible film!

Image by the Cremorne Orpheum.  Links by IMDB and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.