the macrae brothers

Last year I witnessed the amazing creative relationship of two brothers, Joel & Nash Edgerton when I worked on their first feature film, The Square (previous articles 1, 2 & 3).  Today I got to witness a similar relationship in Kenn & Simon MacRae as we worked together inside an enormous Fox Studios sound stage on a TVC for a large insurance company.  The MacRaes uniquely write and direct their projects together and they are indeed 'A Winning Combination' as they say on their website.

macraesTeaming with producer Alex Mooney, they have a list of successful works including winning Project Greenlight which earned them $1 Million to make their first feature film, The View from Greenhaven, due for release this year.

I also got to work with actor Helen O'Connor who I've seen many times at castings and on screen but never actually met.  It was great spending the day with her and we were both quite chuffed when in the lunch queue producer Alex Mooney said "You guys are awesome.  It looks great."  You'll all see for yourself on television soon, no doubt.

To find out more about the team we are going to hear a lot more about, go to their website Orange Whip Films and be sure to look at some of their clips: fantastic.

Links by Orange Whip Films & IMDB.  Image by Orange Whip Films