redemption 08

Over the last two days I spent many hours in a dark performance space at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, all leading up to the performance of a production I wrote and directed - Redemption, Through the eyes of Shakespeare.  I wrote this exploration as a student performance piece in 2005, when I directed it's first production.  The text contains segments of Shakespeare's best plays and links them together with a revolving chorus who like many of Shakespeare's characters, speak in iambic-pentametre.  I submitted the text to NIDA and a new production was confirmed for late 2008.

The 2008 cast included 21 actors from NIDA's Drama Studio and was rehearsed on Sundays over a 9 week period.  It was a great success with many of the cast getting their mouths around the words of Shakespeare for their very first time.  The production was stage managed by Lisa Gormley, an actor in her second year of study at NIDA (we'll be seeing a lot of her in the future) and lit by Matt Tunchon, a graduate of NIDA's Technical Production course.  This was my NIDA directorial debut and I look forward to many more.

Fortunately I was able to fine tune the text a little as rehearsals progressed as I'm looking to publish the text making it available to schools and production companies - one of my goals for 2009.