gio 2 success

GIO Car Close Up

I'm getting recognised in the street for... wait for it... my role in the GIO TV Commercials.  I've been approached in the street with "Are you the guy in the GIO ads"?  I say yes, and they ALL tell me how great they think the ads are: "You see most ads and don't pay attention, but yours, I watch it every time I see it!" "I look at you in the ad and I can tell you're a great actor.  You are so real."  "You two are sooo married, I can't believe it."  "Mate, you nailed it.  I put the car one, up there with 'Not happy, Jan'."  One woman was so happy to have me shopping in her store that she hugged me.

I like the attention - it means I used my talents and did something well.  This is a hard industry to work in - income is sporadic, satisfaction is irregular and we're constantly criticised about our work.  I found working with the Orange Whip team a real pleasure and I'm proud of the results.

See for yourself.  I've done two ads for GIO and you will find them both here - Flood and Can't Argue (car).