bundaberg players incorporated

Last week I returned to where it all began: the Bundaberg Players Incorporated.  Prior to my acting studies at NIDA I was involved with the 'Players' for eight years, acting in almost 20 productions and working behind the scenes in many more (see here).  It was during that time that I developed a passion for theatre and really learnt how to act: I am forever indebted to the 'Players'.

I was fortunate to attend a rehearsal for their upcoming pantomime, Aladdin.  I haven't been involved in a pantomime since my studies at NIDA and I must confess, I was a little jealous watching the cast have such fun rehearsing.  Some faces from my past were there including Graham Lister who really is one of the best Dames ever to grace the stage and the 'Players' president, Nigel Dick (pictured in this years performance of Oklahoma).  Nigel was one of my tutors when I was in the Youth Theatre over 20 years ago.  He's a true friend and a great director with a body of acting and directing work any professional would envy.

Image and link by BPI.