quiet achiever

georgemillerLast night I had the pleasure of seeing Oscar winner George Miller interviewed at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School) as a part of the Masterclass series, a series of interviews with successful industry folk.  He spoke of his introduction to the industry being a fluke: he was studying medicine at the University of New South Wales and would walk home passed the old NIDA complex where he began talking with the student actors.  He started seeing their plays and fell in love with story telling.  He directed a short film about violence in cinema and then went about creating Mad Max which was a global success.

He spoke of the need for 'dialogue' between the skills in the industry; a need for actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians to mix (he recalled hearing a conversation many years ago when someone recommended a young actress to a director. It was the launch of Nicole Kidman's career); a need for cross-training - writers and directors to attend acting workshops to understand the actors craft so they can best write for and direct them.

George Miller is a mild, mannered gentleman who is driven and passionate about his industry and craft and as one of Australia's most successful screen directors, it was a true gift to hear him speak.
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