satisfactionIn May I took part in a live reading of a new film Satisfaction (then called I Can't Get No) written by Jonathan Worsley (pictured wearing black and I'm table centre).  The reading took place at NIDA and was read by a mix of professional actors and present NIDA students.  Jonathan, basing his film on his experiences when working with Baz Lurhmann has created a flamboyant story about perfume and musicals.  Lead singer of Icehouse, Iva Davies attended the read as he has recorded a song for the film.

ican'tgetnoHaving heard it read live Jonathan has spent time rewriting his epic story and last Friday night we had another read in front of an audience.  Jonathan's new draft is excellent: tighter and as funny as could be.  Unfortunately I'm not old enough to play the role I was reading, Liam, but it was great to be a part of something grand in the making.  For info on project Satisfaction go to the website or follow Jonathan's journey on the I Can't get No blog.