crosslifeIn 2005 I worked in a low budget feature film that I'm very glad to say has been accepted into the Sydney Film Festival and will be screening at Sydney's George Street Cinema at 6.25pm on Thursday 21st June.

For information and tickets see Sydney Film Festival.

Crosslife slipstreams the lives of ten people over four days at Christmas time in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Crosslife interconnects an affluent 30 something couple Zana and David who are desperate to conceive a child; a fragile teenage boy Donald who embarks on a boozy rampage through Kings Cross with his best mate Kane, a painfully lonely doctor Rachel and her estranged relationship with her son, an aspiring singer Trace who escapes the banality of the suburbs for the shimmering promises of Kings Cross, a desperate couple Joe and Mary who live in a car at the back of Woolloomooloo in anticipation of their first baby and a suburban father Bill who relives a painful family legacy by travelling to Kings Cross to deliver a special 'birthday present' to his teenage son.
See the trailer.