crosslife screening success

margaretpomeranzWhat a night!  It began at the 3 Wise Monkeys pub (just down from Sydney's George Street cinemas) where I met renowned film critic and co-host of ABC's At The Movies, Margaret Pomeranz (pictured).  I didn't get the chance to talk to her after the film to see what she thought but the film was received phenomenally well by the audience with applause beginning as soon as the end-credits rolled.  I found it emotional to watch (the film itself is emotional) but to finally see on the big screen the result of all the hard work we put into it two years ago - very rewarding.  After the film, cast & crew shared their Crosslife experiences with the audience.  I was interviewed by a Sydney Film Festival news team - very different being in front of a camera without a character to hide behind but a pleasure all the same.  I was surrounded by friends and colleagues and with my wife prouder than ever, a night I'll never forget.

Fingers crossed a distributor will take the film on board and everyone can get to see what we've done. 

Special congratulations to Claire McCarthy, Crosslife's director, on her feature film debut.  I know we'll be seeing more of her work - I just hope I get the chance to work with her again.
See the trailer.