Grit: 3 Plays for Teenagers

written by Paul Caesar 

All three plays were originally produced by the National Institute of Dramatic Art and performed by NIDA's Drama Studio in the Parade Studio. All original productions were directed by Paul Caesar.


In a girls' school, Beth befriends the newcomer, Evie. As Evie falls victim to severe bullying, she grasps at the only way to protect herself that she can think of. The ramifications for Beth are devastating.
A drama with a cast of 8 females OR 7 females & 1 male.
Approx 45 minutes long.

The Invalid Rehearsal

A play within a play within a play.

Molière has written a new play for the King and it's about to be performed. However, Molière's troupe of actors are ill prepared and would prefer to perform something else.
A comedy with a cast of 10 actors - 7 female & 3 male.
Approx 35 minutes long.


A group of teenage girls organise a secret party in the bush. They've told no one where they're going and are savouring the thrill. The party turns out to be the biggest disaster of their lives.
A drama with a cast of 12 actors - 7 females & 5 males.
Approx 35 minutes long.

GRIT - Available November 2016!

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