Individual Performance
20 Original Scripts for HSC Drama
Written by Paul Caesar

Individual Performance contains 20 scripts.  The scripts are written specifically for HSC Drama students and meet the criteria of the Individual Project: Performance assessment.

1. performance skills
2. character development and sustainability
3. dramatic structure and coherence.

The 20 original scripts draw on both real stories and fictitious characters.  12 scripts are written as female characters and 8 as male, but some can easily be adapted to change the gender.

Dramatic roles, comic roles - Individual Performance has it all for HSC and high school drama students looking for solo performances pieces.

Script Titles:
Deing Julia, Beast, Nyami, Heart Ache, Jacinta, Adopted, The Wish, Crash, Away from home, Queen Kayla, Bridezilla, Gran Elda, Troup, Impatient, Rich, A.J., Cop That, Bewildered, Humpty Dumpty and Stage Fright.

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