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a u n t i e s   a n d   u n c l e s

Aunties and Uncles Co-operative Family Project Ltd was founded by Rose White in 1974 to build a better life for children.  It is a registered charity with trained co-ordinators who assess and screen adult volunteers, evaluate the needs of socially and emotionally disadvantaged families and link them together for ongoing support.

The volunteers, known as Aunts and Uncles, spend quality time with their 'linked' child.  Area co-ordinators provide ongoing support, friendship and encouragement to the parents, children and Aunts and Uncles.

Aunties and Uncles Co-operative Family Project Ltd is a "grassroots" preventative program uniquely positioned as a buffer between the welfare juvenile justice system and the family unit.  It is dedicated to provide quality time, unconditional love, friendship and "Building a better life for children."

Paul Caesar and his wife have been an uncle and aunt to a girl through the program for 7 years.  Creative State proudly supports Aunties and Uncles.

For Aunties and Uncles information and contact details, or to make a donation, please go to their website

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