audition coaching

Creative State’s audition coaching service provides the invaluable experience of working one-on-one with Paul Caesar. With his extensive industry involvement and 18 years of experience coaching aspiring actors, he can dramatically increase your chances of success with your upcoming auditions for roles in theatre, film and television or a coveted place in a top drama school.

Whether you need help selecting performance pieces that compliment your strengths, guidance with script analysis and accessing your character, to improve your ability to respond to direction or all of the above, Creative State’s audition coaching will enable you to walk into your audition with confidence.

"Paul has clear expertise in the craft of acting and knew what was required to get my audition pieces in shape. He created a relaxed environment where hard work could take place. Having a mock-audition towards the end of our time together was a really valuable experience." Rhys Keir
"His ability to understand an actor's method is amazing. He works with the tools the actor instinctively uses rather than implanting his own methods. He is quick to discover key blockages the actor may have. He certainly did with me when we were preparing my drama school auditions." Olivia Monticciolo
"I was so impressed with his directorial eye. I found my one-on-one work with Paul very helpful in "accessing" my chosen monologues. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to test my choices and think of new approaches. Paul is a first-class acting coach." Vanessa Coffee
"A keen listener and acute observer of his students. He challenges. He encourages. He cultivates a forum of playfulness. He allows. He gives you the license to play and be brave with your choices. This arena of playfulness that he creates allows actors to let go of themselves, have fun & create." Joe Green
"His keen director's eye was particularly invaluable during this 'dress rehearsal'. Not only did he open my mind to the choices I could make in the presentation of my pieces, but I was also prepared for taking direction during the audition." Laura Francis

To arrange coaching with Paul, contact Creative State.