Since 1994 Paul Caesar has been coaching aspiring actors as they work toward school drama assessments or auditions for drama schools. Whether a pre-performance Masterclass or a series of sessions, Paul's coaching can help you improve your assessment or audition results. Paul can:

  • Help select performance pieces to suit your performance strengths
  • Assist with script analysis and performance interpretation
  • Help you achieve the right 'emotional level' in your performance
  • Prepare you to respond to direction and adapt your performance

"Paul has clear expertise in the craft of acting and knew what was required to get my audition pieces in shape for auditions. Preparing a few monologues for auditions seemed like a monumental task. I hadn't yet developed the skill set to know how to approach this preparation. Working alongside Paul, I was able to work on my technique as well as preparing for the actual audition process. Paul created a relaxed environment where hard work could take place.  The experience of having a mock-audition towards the end of our time together was a really valuable experience that put me in such a good place. Using the audition pieces that I worked on with Paul, I successfully auditioned for Actors Centre Australia." Rhys Keir ACA 2012
"Paul Caesar's ability to understand an actor and their 'own' method when working with a piece is amazing. He works with the tools the actor instinctively uses, rather than implanting his own methods as a base. In doing this he is quick to discover key blockages the actor may have. He certainly did with me when we were preparing my drama school auditions. Once discovering these blocks he did not shy away from the problem, but attacked them carefully and tactfully so I was able to feel comfortable, and work through any difficulties. He really goes out of his way to support his students and nurture their growth as an actor. Not only was working with Paul a resourceful experience for the audition process, but also his knowledge of current productions and theatre history takes the worth of his coaching to the ultimate level. I am very thankful that I met Paul Caesar and look forward to working with him in the future." Olivia Monticciolo VCA 2010
"Paul's help was invaluable in my obtaining a place at my school of choice, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. I did an Audition Intensive course with Paul a few years ago and saw him work with actors to bring their pieces to life. I was so impressed with his directorial eye that I again went looking for him to give me some advice in preparing my pieces for overseas Masters' drama courses. I found my one-on-one work with Paul very helpful in "accessing" my chosen monologues. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to test my choices and think of new approaches. He went above and beyond in helping me with my auditions, for which I am very grateful. Paul is a first-class acting coach." Vanessa Coffee
"Paul is an excellent acting teacher. More importantly he is a great human being. He has a big heart and a generous spirit that is readily perceptible in everything he does. He is a keen listener and an acute observer of his students. He challenges. He encourages. He cultivates a forum of playfulness. He allows. He gives you the license to play and be brave with your choices. This arena of playfulness that he creates for his actors allows them to let go of themselves, have fun & create. If you want to learn the essential skills of acting and have fun in the process Paul is your man. I will always be grateful for having him as a teacher and even more so for encountering him as a friend." Joe Green
"When preparing for my recent drama school auditions, I had a Masterclass session with Paul. His keen director's eye was particularly invaluable during this 'dress rehearsal'. Not only did he open my mind to the choices I could make in the presentation of my pieces, but I was also prepared for taking direction during the audition - a vital skill looked for by auditioning panellists. Paul conducted my session in a highly positive, passionate and professional manner. As a NIDA grad himself, Paul knows the drama school process inside-out and will make sure you walk into that audition room as prepared as you possibly can be." Laura Francis - Actors Centre
"My daughter had been in drama throughout her high school years, but although we knew she had natural ability to entertain on stage, this was never able to be recognised at school due to her lack of confidence in front of her peers. But with Paul's dedication and patience Penny was able to build her confidence and achieve outstanding improvement, from a less than average score at the start of the year, to a near perfect score in her HSC drama piece! Paul is experienced and talented, with a quirkiness and sense of humour but a deep seriousness about his drama that he aptly conveys to his students. I cannot more highly recommend Paul in any future endeavours, especially working with young aspiring actors." Pamela Matchett