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Whether you're seeking agency representation, looking to impress a director or casting agent or simply wanting to show a different side of you, Creative State can create a showreel that will help you get noticed.

We can:

  • write scripts that are relevant to who you are and how you will get cast

  • shoot your scene/s

  • edit your new and/or exisiting scenes

  • provide you with a digital copy of your reel and put it online


"I was a new drama school graduate and only had one scene which I was utterly unhappy with as my showreel, so I needed new material fast without having to wait years to build up enough footage to comprise a showreel that would help me get work (ironic, isn't it?!), so I decided to get a showreel made with Paul Caesar at Creative State. The day I sent out my new showreel to casting agents, I was given an audition for a major feature film. Soon after, I received interest from agents and was offered representation by a reputable actors agency. My new showreel which was written, directed, shot and edited by Paul, has opened up many opportunities for potential employment which I otherwise would not have had. I highly recommend getting your new showreel created with Creative State!"
Silvina D'Alessandro

"It was such a pleasure to work with Creative State to create a showreel that not only displays my talent, but expresses and sells who I am. I opted to co-write my three scenes with Paul to create a tailored reel that I feel reflects my identity and shows my key strengths as an actor. My major goal for this year was to sign with my first agent - I achieved this within one month of posting my reel online. In the first meeting with my agent she flagged my potential to work in period dramas and ability to play girl-next-door ingenue types - exactly the strengths we aimed to showcase! My very first casting I scored a 50-worder role with A Place to Call Home, another of my goals for the year.
Working with Paul was a great experience in itself, from writing and editing to casting my co-stars, sourcing the locations and shooting each scene. Paul is a natural director and knows how to get great performances from actors. I felt comfortable and confident every step of the way. The collaborative approach means I feel a sense of ownership and great pride in my showreel. It has 100% worked for me to tick off my big goals for this year and I highly recommend Creative State to any actor looking for a refresh or to create their first reel."
Tiffany Hoy

"Working with Paul was a relaxing and nurturing experience. His clear direction, guidance and versatility, made me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera."
Nick Mercer

To discuss your specific showreel needs and get a quote, contact Creative State.

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